“New technologies” are the result of the wish of the people that already knew from before the “Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian” web space to have your own place on the Internet where to exchange information about IT – administration and programming.

The idea is that in this place we publish two types of information:

  1. News, curiosities and announcements relating to topics that interest us.
  2. Authorial texts, mostly short and aimed at solving specific problems, which published members.

Of course, there are the inevitable forums.

It is not our primary goal is mass, but the quality of texts and discussions. To achieve this, we have introduced a “moderated registration”, ie. New members who are eligible to participate in the discussions will be able to register with the approval of the administrator “New Technology”. Also the new texts to be reviewed before they are visible to site visitors. Of course, reading texts and search content does not require any registration, and we hope that many people regularly visit our website to come up with useful news and information.

Starting the “new technology” is a step that we have decided after careful consideration and we are ready to invest their time and enthusiasm to this project alive and become accepted among professionals, students and hobbyists with our speaking.

Welcome to the “new technology”.